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Our pharma client asked us to launch a new product with a novel mode of action into a market in which clinicians were tied to the status quo. We had to overcome a mindset that saw doctors waiting years to switch within class in order to “conserve” ammunition against a life-long disease. And we had to achieve this goal without cannibalising share of the company’s existing blockbuster in the category.



We taught healthcare professionals and patients alike to expect more than the pill. We anchored our rising star to the client’s blockbuster in unexpected ways, creating a portfolio play that has generated huge rewards. By harnessing the company’s ability to deliver outstanding patient support even at pre-launch, we accelerated adoption of the new medicine in a specific patient segment, protecting the blockbuster’s value proposition and share.



The Australian launch of this product was one of the most successful in the world, with uptake significantly outstripping that in any other market.


Brand awareness increased from 54% to 97% by year end.


In just 4 months, we won 27% of new patients in the category.


Launch performance was 170% to target.


And the good news doesn’t end there: the blockbuster’s market share held steady throughout.


These remarkable results led to us winning the 2018 PRIME Award for Best New Product Launch.