McCann Health Australia | Prostate Cancer As individual as they are
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Prostate Cancer
As individual as
they are

Men with prostate cancer would trade extra years of life to avoid further treatment or losing the physical functions they associate with manliness, such as erections and urinary continence. The urologists treating these patients are most likely male and in their 50s: they could be the patient sitting on the other side of the desk, trying to weigh up the imperative to survive with the need to preserve a highly-personal sense of manly worth. Despite the prevailing lack of emotional investment in the category among doctors, you imagine that they can’t help but sympathise with the patient’s struggle.


Our creative taps into this empathy. It asks doctors to reconnect with the men facing up to prostate cancer; to see their experiences of the disease, treatment and side effects anew, and acknowledge that one-size support solutions do not fit all.  We employed unexpected and provocative imagery to amplify empathy and start a conversation between company and doctor about how to do better for the men living with prostate cancer. Ultimately, the creative reinvigorates the brand by demonstrating the relevance of a tailored prostate cancer partnership between drug manufacturer, doctor and patient.