McCann Health Australia | Viagra - The Elephant In the Room
TVC, Agency
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The wonders of
the microbiome

Challenge: There is an invisible community of bacteria that lives within all us – our microbiome. It protects us, fuels our body and can even influence our mood. But how do you show people the wonders of a world you cannot see?


Solution: We designed a virtual microbiome, allowing HCPs to immerse themselves in this unseen microbial community. The virtual reality experience transported doctors into an amazing ecosystem. Different chapters allow them to visit different parts of the body and witness the effects of the microbiome.


Reaction: The virtual microbiome was launched at the APP conference, helping to introduce emerging science to HCPs in a compelling way. Based on initial success it will now be used across HCP conferences for paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, gastroenterology and pharmacy.